Financial Benefits and Obligations

The student-athlete package is the cornerstone of the US Prep & Advancement experience, focusing on athletic and personal development. The boarding package includes tuition, sports tuition as well as housing, transportation and meal set up.

Student-Athlete Tuition Package

Boarding: $25,850.00
Commuter: $13,825.00


Standard shared rooms and full meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included in boarding tuition. Meals are prepped and nutritional. As well, USPA provides each boarding player a pantry for additional snack supplements throughout the day. Housing provides room privacy with common areas to socialize. Transportation is included as needed throughout the season for practices, games, training, meals and lodging. Boarding players are allowed to have personal transportation, but it is optional.



Complete balance of tuition, deposits & fees are due by June 1, 2021 for fall semester 2021 and October 1, 2021 for spring semester of 2022. A 5% saving is offered for those paying the full annual balance on or before the June 1 due date.


Paid in (10) installments throughout the academic year. Payment (1), due by June 1st, 2021, includes at least 30% of student-athlete tuition, and all deposits and fees. Payments (2-7) are split into (6) equal installments and due the 1st of each month, starting July 1 and ending December 1. Other Tuition Financing Options Available: Inquire with a Student-Athlete Advisor for information on the “Your Tuition Solution Loan Program.

Included in the fees for both Boarding and Commuter players.


Season Games, Travel/Lodging, Flights, Meals

On-Court Training

Skill development, daily routine

Off-Court Training

Weight training, Agility, Assessments, Classes (Yoga, etc.)

Team Gear

Uniform, Bag, Practice Gear

Food (Boarding only)

Three meals per day + pantry

Housing (Boarding only)

Personal Recruiting Consultant

Mandatory School Class and Tuition

Team Building/Entertainment

Transportation *Boarding Only


Medical Deposit $400
Property Damage Deposit $400
Personal Spending Deposit* $800
Student Activity/Competition Fee $5,100
US Health Insurance Fee**
International Fee $1,050

*All fees are required, non-refundable, already included in the total price and will be deducted from the total balance owed except * Personal Spending Deposit.
Personal Spending Deposit is refundable if unused.
**US Health Insurance Fee is the responsibility of each player and proof of insurance must be furnished. If a player would like to purchase Health Insurance through USPA, they may do so.


All students are required to have health insurance coverage from a US health insurance company, or purchase health insurance offered through US PREP & ADVANCEMENT.

Medical Deposit – Used to cover unreimbursed medical expenses or when payment is required at time of visit.

Property Damage Deposit – Used to cover damages caused by the student (either alone or with other students) to any US PREP & ADVANCEMENT, TNT ELITE HOOPS, CHURCH ON THE DRIVE property.

Personal Spending Deposit – Used to cover student’s incidental expenses such as campus purchases, laundry services, replacement for equipment, miscellaneous bills or pocket money. Parents are able to replenish additional funds to this deposit at their discretion.

Student Activity/Competition Fee – At US PREP & ADVANCEMENT, school/sports have different requirements when it comes to competition, travel expenses, etc. The competition fee can be used in conjunction with the individual deposit to cover these expenses.

Deposits & Fees including (but not limited to) Sales Tax on Meals, Need-Based Services are not included in Student-Athlete Tuition Package rates.

For Additional Information or Questions
Contact Financial Services


713 W. Yale St
Orlando, FL 32804

+1 407 484 8929

713 W. Yale St
Orlando, FL 32804

+1 407 484 8929