We embrace the philosophy of “Finding the Best Fit” to ensure all of our player’s success at the next level

Team Exposure

USA PREP has prepared a game schedule to maximize exposure to coaches. We will also participate in the important pre-season Jamborees attended by hundreds of coaches. Fortunately, the biggest annual Jamboree in the country is right in our backyard in Orlando. We will also travel to the three biggest national prep showcases to supplement our statewide travel for competition against Junior Colleges, NAIA four-year schools and other post grads programs. Our practice facility is always open to coaches who visit weekly, in an effort to better know the character, skills and work ethic of our players. Our full regimented schedule will be posted online to keep the lines of communication open with coaches year-round. All games and select practices will be filmed to be available for coaches upon request. Additionally, we allow our players to play in two individual showcases during the mid-season break and post-season at the expense of US Prep.

The team profile and season schedule will be posted on the US Prep website and emailed to over 4,500 college coaches and media

Player Recruitment Perks

What you need to know

Players from all over the world are seeking opportunities to play college basketball at the four-year and junior college levels. These lofty goals are attainable but require the knowledge of what it takes to make this happen and the tools to turn these wants into reality. With years of experience and having assisted in forging this reality for many players currently playing at the collegiate and professional levels, we are ready to help you!

We value first and foremost a player’s development; you must first have the assets to be sought after and once choosing the best opportunity, you must be ready to perform. This includes being physically ready with a great nutritional plan, weightroom routine and core/resistance work to enhance a player’s body, speed, agility and athleticism. On-court preparation with daily skill development and coaching IQ and game experience is of equal importance. And learning daily life management (ie: how and when to work, overcoming adversity) is a focus at US Prep. Some players need to improve their academic situation in order to secure scholarship opportunities. We help make sure you are best positioned for the school of your choice.

I’m really good so now what do I do? We are ready to help with the next step, allowing college coaches to see the great product. YOU!

Together, we know the general parameters of schools to reach out to for each player and we do just that. We also have college coaches “coming through” the gym, requesting film, viewing profiles, responding to emails, texts and calls. Whatever it takes for our players to earn the scholarships and opportunities they want and deserve.

Our staff will help guide student-athletes though the recruiting process. Our players will be exposed to the top events in the country that are attended by college coaches (NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NCAA D3, NAIA and junior college). The events that our players will experience are attended by more than 500 college coaches annually.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist our players with all of their recruitment needs. We will evaluate players and have individual meetings to discuss goals and realistic expectations both on and off the court once a month. 

US Preparatory and Advancement

Basketball after US Prep

For the 2021-22 season, US Prep has contracted Elite Basketball Services for individual player consultation as well as recruiting assistance. Elite Basketball Services staff has assisted in helping thousands of current and former college and professional players reach their goals through 18 years of consulting, offering opportunities to play in their national exposure events and with their scouting network of over 300 college program subscribers. Elite Basketball Services will offer their years of experience and extensive network to help service opportunities for our US Prep student-athletes.

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713 W. Yale St
Orlando, FL 32804

+1 407 484 8929

713 W. Yale St
Orlando, FL 32804

+1 407 484 8929