United States Preparatory and Advancement

Our Mission

At US Basketball Prep we have the unique opportunity to combine an experienced staff and a close knit family atmosphere where every individual is a part of the group and gets the attention they need.

We will stress to each student athlete the qualities they will need to apply in their community. Learning life skills such as discipline, accountability, communication and the virtues that will make them an ambassador of the program that will make their family, teammates and community proud of them.  

Our culture is one of sharing, caring for one another and of unselfishness on and off the court.


On the court each student athlete will have an individual and team schedule that will help him maximize his development as the player he aspires to be.

Our coaching staff has a vast amount of experience and has coached at every level, including the NBA.

Our trainers work endlessly at helping each student to develop the skills they will need to carry them physically and mentally to the next level. 

Success to us is defined by helping each student become the player on the court that they strive with hard work and determination and also to become a positive member of their community, with values and qualities they will possess to make an influential impact in society.

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